Congratulations on your decision to take your athletic skills and your game to the next level ... college! Now that you've taken the time to check out our website, let us tell you about the next important steps for student-athletes.

Ever walk into a mega sporting goods store to buy new shoes? If you had no idea what you wanted, there'd be almost too many to choose from. All sizes, shapes and colors for walking, running, tennis, basketball ... there are lots of options! For some students, trying to decide on a college feels a little bit like that.

In the shoe store, you start with the purpose for the shoe. Playing basketball? Focus on the basketball shoes. Golf? Golf shoes. Running? Running shoes. If your purpose for college is to get a great education while continuing to improve your athletic abilities, we suggest you look at colleges with 1) the degree programs that interest you and 2) athletic programs with a tradition of excellence.

As with shoes, though, that still leaves lots of choices, and not all of them will be a great fit for you. Here's what we suggest:

In athletics, timing is important. Take your next step now! We're looking forward to meeting you.

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